I remember anon tweeting these directions to people in gaza, i couldnt find the picture for some time but ran into it so i decided id post it. i dont know if this will circulate but at least i tried :p



I need season 10 to consist of everyone telling Sam:

"You have one hell of a brother."

and Sam’s bitchface

Dean’s reaction:


Sam’s reaction:



So if you’re not up to date, twitter has a new trending topic #iftheygunnedmedown and black men and women are showing the medias portrayal of blacks. Here a few things I would like to point out
1.) white people, sorry, this hashtag is not for you. Black men are being murdered and this is not a time to make a mockery out of this.

Quick story: in my sociology class I took this spring, we were taking about racial profiling and our professor was Indian and she was talking about her experiences and what not.

This black boy in class raised his hand to say “I always get pulled over, I even got pulled over while I was walking!” The class was laughing and stuff.

Then this white boy raised his hand and said, “well, I got pulled over and they searched me one night”

The professor is like “what did you do?”

He’s like “I was speeding and ran a red light”


Bruh stop it. This is what I’m talking about white people trying to equate their stupidity with actual oppression.

Bye Felicia.

Leave comments below. I want to hear your thoughts 🙇

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Dead Poets Society (1989)

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this is what I mean by it shouldn’t be any different the other way round

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In 1585, the townspeople of Annecy, Savoy, France, became alarmed over an apple that gave out a “great and confused noise.” Believing it to be full of demons, they pushed the apple into a river.

i do not have anything to add to this tbh

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African Lion by Tony [flickr]

[h/t: vurtual]

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Hawkeye + text posts



Test Subject— There you are.

Looking for some loose fitting leg wear to carry out further experimentation? Look no further! These comfy pants are perfect for all encounters with life-threatening test chambers!



Note: The Women’s version lacks pockets!!

A+ for the pockets warning. 

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